Lothian Amphibian and Reptile Group





If you have an interest in amphibians and reptiles, this site will provide you with information about our local voluntary group which works with and for this curious group of animals. In addition to this our aim is to tell you about the work we do and how to join in if you wish to pursue your interest. Please feel free to explore the site using the links.

If you are interested in reptile and amphibian conservation in the Lothians why not become an active LARG member? Throughout the year we require help in projects of varying capacities from pond clearing and creation in the winter, amphibian relocations in spring and both amphibian and reptile surveys in the spring and summer. There is no minimum comittment required, however, the more YOU put in the more the herps of Scotland will get out...! This is a fascinating but sadly neglected group of animals and the more people we can get on board to help with their conservation the better.

If you are interested or would like further information please contact us 

Without volunteers most conservation organisations would not exist! LARG is no exception to this, all organisers and members have alter-egos as your regular Joe's from everyday life, waiting till the evenings and weekends to reveal their true colours as herptile conservationists. If you too want to unleash the conservationist within why not come and help conserve a group of declining British species.


Reasons to join LARG:
  • See native British species in their natural environment. 
  • Help make difference to species that in some cases are in rapid decline! 
  • Gain experience in active conservation, essential for today's ecological employment market.
  • Meet new, like minded people. 
  • Get exercise and fresh air with a purpose rather than at the gym. 
  • Gain the satisfaction of helping YOUR local environment!
  • What can I do to help ?
  • Join the club 
  • Let us know the whereabouts of sites and sightings of Amphibians and Reptiles you know of 
  • Help us trace and speak to owners 
  • Join in on the survey programme
  • Help with the management of habitats 


Equipment & Tools

Site work requires the normal protective clothing associated with outdoor work and some specialist equipment. For reptile work a pair of binoculars is useful. For newt work, high power bright torches and nets are required and the group has limited supplies of these. Management work requires hand tools and these can be borrowed by the group when required. If you have any useful tools we can probably make use of them… let us know.